Selling Phone Cards in Style


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Features Chart
2 versions available. 411CC and 911CC ...
here is a complete difference between the 2 versions.



Key Features

Multiple Billing Accounts

SAP-System "Advanced Verification Process"

80% Less time approving new orders using SAP

Pin Swapping

- Payment Methods
Pay by credit card, checks "manual",  Paypal, gift certificates

Front End

Rate Finder

2 formats with advanced features

Display of targeted countries "most wanted"

Categorized Phone Cards

Cards on Sale
New Cards

Send to a friend
-with reward points for successful referrals

Secure login option

Clear Login Cockie

Separate Access Numbers Page

My Account

Admin Modules

Affiliate module

Reward point Program upon referral, registration

Subscription Module

Low Stock Module
with auto email sent to admin for low stock

Reward points
admin reward customers who bought $X during the last Y days

Rate Finder


User Management

Webmaster Mode: Ability to change any text on the site at any time by yourself

Vendor Management

Create Additional STATIC and DYNAMIC pages ability on the fly

- Multiple Admins

- Admin Rules
- Admin / order monitor

Marketing Utilities:
- Promotional emails to certain buyers groups
- Newsletter

Advanced Features

Accounting Management:
- Order purchase invoice tracking
- Vendor spending tracking
- QuickBooks 2002 integration
- PeachTree Integration
- Exporting of all reports to excel

- Request Cards out of stock with automated reply to customers when cards are available
- Wish List

Detailed Reports
1- Sales Reports
2- Inventory Reports
3- Sales per Card
4- Country/Customer Reports
5- Country/Card Reports
6- Vendor Reports
7- Purchase Invoice Reports
8- Discount Reports
9- Order Reports
10- Daily Totals
11- Periodical Totals
12- Pay per Click ads tracking
13- Customer country search report
14- Points Reports [detailed-summary]


Common Features

Multi-goods shopping cart:
- Phone cards
- Physical Goods
- Electronic download delivery

Repeat customer accommodation

- Separate SSL Certificate
- Double Security Gates
- IP Monitor
- Failed admin login monitor

Separate Database

Gift Certificate Module

Merchandise Inventory Tracking with backorder

Statistics and analysis
- Top Pages Views
- Shopping cart conversion funnel
- Top Paths thru site
- Traffic Monitoring and analysis

Import & Export Tools
- Users, products, images, reports, affiliates...

Multiple Unlimited categories and sub-categories

Customer Rating and voting ability

Add, modify cities to countries ability

Search Engines Friendliness:
- Create a static HTML catalog of your site for search engine to index
- Track pay per click ads
- Track referrals
- Custom meta tags per each product and category

- 5 Levels of specific/global discounts
- Promotional Coupons ability

Ability to download database anytime on your hard disk

Multiple languages

3 tax tier

Integrated Shipment Tracking

Unique design and layout

FrontPage Integration

Built on PHP and MySQL technology

Price and Weight Sensitive Product Attributes

Customer Defined Attributes

Suggested selling
Cross up selling

Volume pricing

IP Watch
Banned IP watch
Pan IP manually


Shopping cart Support*

6 months of

Hosting Support "Hosting only on our servers"


Bugs and fixes*



Shopping Cart


2nd License


Each License after 2nd





*Free Support is Canceled if code altered, modified, tampered or damaged



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