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- Your online store is unique, it means that our team can add any customization that you need within 10 - 14 days of your request
- You get lifetime support for all bug fixes.
Major problem of other software providers is HOSTING !!!
some force you to host on their cheap home located servers which endangers you and your business reputation for all the downtime you suffer.
While others leave you in the open air to host any where and charge for setup and support.

We have taken another approach, we have hired third party teams hosts to manage our servers. It is 24/7 server management which makes you concentrate on the most important issues for you business like marketing while others worry about hosting.

W e offer 2 different streams of hosting to suit different budgets:
- Shared Hosting
- Dedicated and Semi-Dedicated Hosting

Please Note:
We only allow hosting on our servers for ease of support, maintenance of the right environment and prevention of coding and programming theft
Hosting is maintained by a a team of 30 professional IT engineers who are available 24/7
Hosting price might change yearly depending on market price, but no more than 10% per year
Hosting servers are maintained by highly skilled third parties which enable us on focusing on developing and maintaining our software.

Dedicated and Semi-Dedicated Hosting ::

- Dedicated hosting is the most reliable hosting package we offer
- Suitable for medium - large size web sites with huge amount of traffic
- We offer 100% Uptime guarantee*
- Managed by third party considered to be #1 hosting provider online, Rackspace
- Dedicated hosting enables 1 site and 1 site only to utilize all resources of the server. In other words; 1 site per server. While semi dedicated has 2-3 sites per server.
- for more info: www.RackSpace.com

Take a virtual data center tour.
Rackspace Managed Hosting provides the world-class infrastructure necessary to maintain your dedicated Web servers 24x7, and, while other providers are closing their data centers, we are continuing to add to ours! We currently have over 60,000 square feet of data center space. We operate our US data centers out of San Antonio, Texas, and Herndon, Virginia, and our European data center is located in London, England. All four of our data centers have been engineered to avoid any single point of failure in our connectivity, power, or HVAC. And because our data centers are not open to the public, you can rest assured that only a handful of highly trained, level-three technicians will be allowed within close physical proximity to your server. We invite you to Take a virtual data center tour.


Shared Hosting ::

Starts at $45 per month
- 99.9 % uptime guarantee
- Suitable for small - medium size web sites with fair amount of traffic
- for more info:
Some features of our network include:
  • Fully redundant Cisco network
  • Hot failover at all layers
  • Dual redundant feeds into our private suite
  • HSRP inbound and BGP-4 outbound routing
Our network operations center is built on power and security
Facility Power
  • Dual electric utility feeds (fed from isolated sources) from Georgia Power with automatic failover
  • Dual 1500kVa Caterpillar diesel generators backup 100% of facility peak load, N+1 redundancy
  • 1 week fuel supply and guaranteed refueling contracts
UPS Backup
  • Dual 750kVa Liebert UPS deployed in parallel redundant configuration, N+2 redundancy
  • Independent UPS configuration provides the industry's highest MTBF (mean time between failures)
  • 8 Liebert Deluxe 3 HVAC units, scalable as required in 30-ton increments, N+1 redundancy
  • 7 Liebert rooftop drycooler units, scalable as required in 50-ton increments, N+1 redundancy
  • Constant 72 degree ambient air temperature (+/-2 degrees)
  • Humidity controlled to a constant 45% (+/-5%).
Fire Detection
  • LaserPlus fire detection system
  • Cheetah pre-action, dry-pipe zoned sprinkler system
  • 24x7 by Internap's neutral National Network Operations Center, located within the Atlanta facility as well as Dinix’s own internal monitoring system
  • 24x7x365 electronic monitoring of all safety and control systems
  • Hourly roving patrol to verify electronic monitoring system reports.
  • 24x7x365 staffed security desk with sign in/sign out required for all visitors and employees
  • 24x7x365 manned co-location floor
  • 24x7x365 card key access control to facility and co-location floor
  • Security cameras located throughout co-location floor
  • 24 hour digital recording / 30 day digital video storage
  • Centralized security monitoring of video and card key access control.
  • Full-time facility manager
  • 2 senior technicians and 2 junior technicians on duty for day shift
  • 3 technicians on duty for other shifts
  • Over 9Gbps in aggregate capacity from 9 carriers
Our nine carriers ensure fast and consistent connectivity
  • UUNet
  • Sprint
  • Cable & Wireless
  • AT&T
  • Genuity/GTE
  • Global Crossing
  • Qwest (XO Currently being added to replace Qwest)
  • Verio
  • Level 3

* 100% uptime guarantee is calculated on the following basis::
Rackspace guarantees that the network will be available 100% of the time in a given month, excluding scheduled maintenance. Upon experiencing downtime, Rackspace will refund the customer 5% of the monthly fee for each 30 minutes of downtime (up to 100% of customer's monthly fee). Network uptime includes functioning of all network infrastructure including routers, switches and cabling, but does not include services or software running on your server. Network downtime exists when a particular customer is unable to transmit and receive data and Rackspace records such failure in the Rackspace trouble ticket system. Network downtime is measured from the time the trouble ticket is opened by a customer to the time the server is once again able to transmit and receive data.
User Agreement   (RackSpace.) 

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