Selling Phone Cards in Style

Prepaid telecom shows 30% sales growth in 1 year

Percent of sales Avg.:
store sales Ind.:
total sales (million $):

Percent of sales Avg.:
store sales Ind.:
total sales (million $):

(Source: Intele-Card News … Triple Take by Ann Davy)
Pricing :
- Shopping Cart
- Design and Layout
- Hosting
- Support
- SSL Certificates




Shopping Cart


2nd License


Each License after 2nd



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Design & Layout

Initial Design


Additional Design


Extra Pages

Can be done from admin zone



- Shared 1:
      300 MB Web Space
      4 GB Bandwidth

$45 monthly
$540 / year
*paid yearly

- Shared 2:
      500 MB Web Space
      8 GB Bandwidth

$900 / year
*paid yearly

- Semi Dedicated:
      "2-3 stores per server"
      12,000 MB Web Space
      15 GB Bandwidth 

$1040 per 4 months
*paid every 4 months

- Dedicated:
      "1 store per server"
      24,000 MB Web Space
      40 GB Bandwidth

$2000 per 4 months
*paid every 4 months

We only allow hosting on our servers for ease of support, maintenance of the right environment and prevention of coding and programming theft
Hosting is maintained by a a team of 30 professional IT engineers who are available 24/7
Hosting price might change yearly depending on market price, but no more than 10% per year

SSL Certificate



$249 / year


$895 / year
+ $100 installation Fee

FREE Support



FREE Support

3 months email support

FREE Bugs Fixes


Support Plans "Optional"


Support Plan 1:
:: Monthly ::
     unlimited email support

$200 / month

Support Plan 2:
:: Semi-Annual ::
     unlimited  email support



Support Plan 3:
:: Yearly ::
     unlimited  email support


Hourly Support:

$40 an hour. This includes phone assistance. 

Hourly Rate per Customization:

$60 an hour. This includes phone assistance. 

Software Upgrades:

- Differs depending on the upgrade volume.
- Up to 40% discount for customers subscripted in any Support plan.
- FREE for all new customers within their initial free support period.

Free support is Canceled if code altered, modified, tampered or damaged
Lifetime fixes for any bugs
Free hosting support as long as you use our cart
our support team is located in NJ, Texas and in Florida


Why don't you allow hosting on other servers beside yours?
Since we started, we decided that we will be specialized in software development. So we toke the decision to hand over the hosting responsibilities to a specialized hosting providers which have the capabilities and the man power to manage and maintain our servers.
We have chose #1 hosting providers over the world to manage our dedicated and semi-dedicated packages. We are proudly host at Rackspace and Denix ...
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Don't Be FOOLED ...Listen to what others say ...
We tried other software companies that had a lower initial purchase price, but their long term cost and limitations proved costly for us....
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